A Chat With Molly Getty

International Women's month is a celebration of women, of women building each other up, of women paving their way and celebrating those who walk with you through the good, the rough, and the challenging times. 

Since 2022, I’ve been on my journey with Eddy, and have felt so incredibly lucky for the amazing women who’ve helped me build this business and also helped to build me. Recently, I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with one of Eddy's advisors, a dear friend and previously my boss, Molly Getty. We chatted shop, played dress-up in Eddy’s Spring '24 pieces,  and had some intentional moments to discuss our careers and life as women navigating motherhood and work. During in-between moments, I laughed with her blossoming eight-year-old daughter as she attempted to teach me the techniques of a hoverboard!

There's nothing more special than a female friendship that grows and guides you through your seasons of life. From working alongside each other, to taking major life steps like tying the knot to leaping into a completely new solo career, like founding a company. Molly has been that person for me, the one I've looked to for career and life guidance. She was my boss, mentor, friend, and now an amazing life and business advisor since the beginning, somewhat scary days of launching Eddy. Molly is someone I always look to and I'm very happy to pass along some of her sage and powerful advice. 

Grab a glass of wine, read (or watch on Instagram) pieces of our chat, and share it with a friend. Raise your glass: Here's to women, navigating life, careers, relationships, and motherhood. And here’s to taking leaps of faith, and women supporting women–it’s so incredibly important. 

The Chat 

You’re the Chief Product Officer, a key player at Marine Layer. I had the pleasure of learning from you there. Give (us) a little about your background and where you started your career.  

I am a trained merchant who always felt a calling to design.  Learned the ropes at Gap Inc., sharpened my skills at Williams Sonoma Inc., and elevated at Restoration Hardware before joining ML to run merchandising.  Mike (Marine Layer, CEO) saw how much I loved design and gave me the chance to take that on, then (came) material development and then tech design.  Haven't looked back!

You’re an advisor and investor in Eddy, what made you decide to dedicate some of your energy and funds to this brand? 

I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of Eddy!  After working with you, (Megan), for years I knew that you could successfully bring your vision to life and wanted to support you and be involved however I could.

You’re an inspiration to me, someone I look to for advice. What are your biggest career tips for paving the way as a female in business?  

Go for what you want, ask for what you deserve, and listen to feedback from those you trust.

Who, what, where inspires you creatively?  

I always look to the 1970s - I really missed out not being alive then!  Traveling always gets my creative juices flowing, especially to different cities that have great street style, which tend to be the big ones with great subway systems like New York, Paris, and London.

What does your typical day look like?  

Wake up to coffee, breakfast and getting the kids to school then some exercise before work meetings begin. After work try to enjoy my beautiful commute over the GG Bridge as I’m racing home to see my family.  Once we get the kids to sleep I am spent and usually go to sleep immediately.

You’re a mom, hold a c-suite position in a booming business, an amazing friend, and have been married 17 years. You seem to have it all together. How do you juggle it all?

Does anyone ever feel like they have it all together?  Ha!  That’s a flattering compliment because I, some days, just feel like it’s survival mode.  I rely on a combination of to-do lists, alarm reminders, planning ahead, and multi-tasking.  Although as I get older the latter seems less and less effective and I really value when I am fully engaged in the task at hand.  Confused yet?  Me too.

As a mother of a young girl, what is your hope for her as she grows up? 

I hope that she grows up to be comfortable being exactly who she is, that she finds her people who love her, and that she gets to do something that feels interesting and satisfying to her.

How would you describe your style? 

Carefree, classic, and playful. 

When you feel your best, what are you wearing? 

Vintage Levi’s and a white t-shirt.

What is your favorite Eddy piece to date?  

Black blazer with ivory embroidered flowers - inspired by your (Megan’s) late-night wedding ensemble.

Explore her collection favorites here

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